Romania Supercup – CSM Champions!!

In the Romania handball culture, the matchup between SCM Valcea and CSM Bucharest have a very special meaning. Therefore, I’m very happy to be able to win this title, especially because of the intense competition between the two clubs. In my opinion they are two great team, that play a very interesting type of handball.

CSM Buckarest Champions Supercup 2019
CSM Bucharest – Champions Supercup 2019

A team need to work with creating clear roles, all the time – Players have to be responsible for “how” to play defense and attack. In defense its Linnea Torstensson and Crina Pintea – In attack its Andrea Lekic and Cristina Neagu when she will be back on court .

As I wrote in last post, we pay attention to our Play-book, and we have put a lot of focus to our defense. We execute a classic Scandinavia way of playing 6-0, where Linnea and Crina are taking a great responsible for HOW to behave in the defense. We have so far been practicing this against some CSM Bucharest junior boys and the process had been very good. But some of the things are not in place yet.

By using the sideline system, you can as coach create a lot of awareness and bring focus to very specific behaviors that you want to implement in your team. I think coaches in Sweden in general need to use this tool more, but in preparation but also for feedback. 

When we were in Wittlich and Skövde we used the sideline every day to create focus and correct to our behavior so we find OUR way of playing. It´s very easy for players to fall back into old patterns – which are related to former teams and experience. 

I have to praise the whole CSMB team, leaders and players. With that pressure we have on ourselves, the team prepared and executed this game with a huge effort and great level of competence. 

Talking about energy; the day before Super cup, me as a very proud father, experience my son Sebastian marry his wife Sandra. A great addition to the Ryde family, which also gave a lot of energy!!

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