Romania mission finished

When politics comes before the sport… So the mission of winning gold with Romania national team is over for this time, and actually for a very very long time. I can not see any possibilities that Romania women handball will create a common Strategic Platform, when the coaches from the league just drives their own interests.

So, its have been a short and great time together with a fantastic team. I’m sure that we should have made a great performance in Japan with normal conditions, Pentru Noi!

Ryde and Neagu

After a very hard WC in Japan, where to team was suffering a lot from the Doping scandal by Corona Brasov, there’s a big possibility to rise up and take on the challenge of qualifying for the Olympic. At this moment, I can not understand the technical commission’s suggestions for who should be the coach for the National team. To make a decision to leave the meeting without deciding about a coach, 10 weeks before throw off, from my point of view, it’s a low level of responsibility.

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