Reality and Change

The day after the battle. Reaction from media is very often
aiming for the coach, bad decisions, bad calls, bad team setup. Stop that shit! The Swedish team has this players and they did the best they could in this EC. Don’t you think we are sitting the whole night and make reflections about every single moment in the game?…and it doesn’t matter if we are winning or loosing. Some journalists behave some time as we coaches do our job “just for fun” – it’s not a walk in the park, as coach you have anxiety 24/7 in the tournament – the feeling I have when I’m coaching …”it’s a f–king war going on”. So If you’re sitting in front of the screen U don’t know what’s going on in the team, and why the performance goes like it goes. Be humble. img_0666The picture of the best player in the world – she was injured at Olympic Games in this tournament she show up old Chris. If she have been playing for Sweden you have waked up today with a smile! But the truth are, yesterday we where losers – today a new journey start, in some direction Heja Sverige Hai Romania! Love is the answer/ Coach T

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