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Hai Romania!

I want to contribute to other peoples success!
It is a great honor to once again have the question from President Alexander Dedu to become the Head Coach of the Romanian women’s national team again. I took the decision in a split second, YES!

When Alexander Dedu called me February 2015, he asked me to make a development to bring some kind of happiness and proudness to be in the national team – “A team, not a group of individuals”. That was the foundation for take the qualification game against Serbia in May 2015 and by that achieve WC in Denmark 2015. In that tournament Romania took the Bronze medal and we created a great way of playing handball. With fair-play, great speed and a lot of empowerment from to the players. The Romanian players have great technical skills and together with “Gusi” Costica Buchesci we implemented a new Playbook. The playbook was driven by Cris, Eliza and “Mica”. Our defense with Gabriella Perianu and Gabriella Szűcs raised game by game and with Paula taking the most critical shots we have something with us back to Romania. Bronze medal better than empty. But I will also make the statement, it took vey long time for me to overcome the loss in semifinal (overtime) against Norway.

Romania – Norvegia 25-20 (16-9), miercuri 9 martie 2016 @ Sala Polivalenta din Cluj-Napoca | © FOTO: Mihaela Bobar /

The season 2016 started with a nice performance when we easily qualified for OG in Rio. In the same time we beat Norway for reach EC 2016, a niche evening at Cluj Arena. Unfortunately we underperform, in Rio and the reasons for this was more than one. Must important to this set-back was Cris and Elizas injuries in preparation phase.

In September 2016 I was not able to continue to drive both Serica as CEO and to do the work as National Coach för Romania.
The solution for Romania was great, by hiring one of the absolutely best coaches in the world, Ambros Martin. He has been running this team since 2016 together with other great people. The team made a great EC tournament in France 2018, and ended up on 4th place. Everyone knows what a big set back it was for the team to have Cris injured, and what consequences that gave. All this is history, some of the parts is useful some parts are not.

The team has an ongoing rejuvenation process and has worked on modernizing and developing the way of playing defense. The team spirit are well known and players are very proud of being selected to the national team. For example it´s have been very nice to watch how Iulia Dumanska, Denisa Dedu and Crina Pintea during this period have raised their level of performance, a great work!

So today – Its a great challenge to get the opportunity to join this big contexts again. I know there is one difference between me and Ambros. I´m working a lot by other people in the management team. Because 1+1 should be more than 3. Everyone can do more, and all managers have to make impact. We have to protect our weak sides and create trust and openness to perform at highest level.

Some times when you look into the game “Tomas is not screaming and waving” – I want to be calm, to have overview, and make god decisions. I want to have my players to drive the game as much as possible – if the coach need to correct and make instructions all the time, the team and players don’t seem so well prepared for the task. And when I have Cris and Eliza on the field – they knows how to drive a game to success. Now its time for raise more players to this level.

At the moment, several key players have problems with serious injuries, but I have confidence that this should be solved before the upcoming EC qualification in September and the World Championships in Japan, December 2019.

In short term we need to raise up a higher standard from “the second line”, its time for Lazlo, Zamfirescu, Savu to show up a higher international level and bring their team mates to the journey.
Go to the gym
Run in the forest
Don´t bounce the ball
Give great passes
Protect the goal – Block shots and take rebounds
Arrive in time – in Japan the train always leave station sharp!

with love // Coach R

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