EC Sweden – Watch out for Romania team

I was together with the team some days ago, and watched how easily they pull down Croatia. Ambros Martin and the management team continue to create a new young performance team. The replacement of injuried player Gabriella Perianu is done by Crina Pintea, and that’s so nice to see. Cristina Neagu and Eliza Buchesci take the leadership on court and drive the team in an efficient way, the hierarchy is very god in place. The possibility for this team is better than ever to reach a gold medal, the reason is goalkeepers. The goalkeeper project with Coach Jaume Forte has created a new world star in Denisa Dedu. Incredible progress in 6 months!  By the way, I have notice sometimes that the old Romania national coach are defending his position in society and media. That old behavior patterns, puuuhhh, and by this fear try to approach the coaches from Sweden and Spain in a negative way. I know for sure that we love the Romanians and have and will do our absolutely max to perform. Hai Romania! Gold in Sweden!


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