Romania and Tomas ends up for this time…

imageYes, I took the decision to stop with the Romania National team, 3 weeks ago. The federation have used the time to find a new, and the found a very god solution with Ambros, I=m happy for that. Why do I stop? My workload with Serica and what its require to rebuild the new team isn’t compatible. Serica is my company and my second family, we have suddenly big chances to make very big things together and I have to take my responsibility as CEO. In another hand the Romania team also have a great things to do, and in my opinion with a new team in place. The team should be leaded by Cristina Neagu and Eliza Buchesci, the new generation will create a new standard. Maybe not done in EC at Sweden, but the change will start from now. I wish the team all the best and I preciate all the friendship and love I have recived in Romania and other countries. / Coach T

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