Head Coach – CSM Bucuresti

A new organization, new staff, new players – how to do it?

You can never overlook the changes you need to do. First you need to analyze the situation. After a very difficult year for the club, it was more or less a chaotic situation to arrive into. I like challenges, and at my age,  it was time to reduce my time in my companies, both in Serica Consulting and The Clipper Case, and instead – channelize the power to others.

Claudia Constantinescu
Are you satisfied when you practice? Claudia Constantinescu at work

How to approach a new set-up?

 I have a strong belief to work in 3 different frameworks when living as a coach – it’s about Culture, Structure and Concept. – a way of living as a coach. The culture is about mission, vision, and corporate values – so let’s start there. With my new manager Vlad Enachescu there will be a great opportunity to create a more clear culture at CSMB women’s handball – because he has done it before with success . First of all, Vlad understands professional sports after a very long and successful career as a journalist and manager, running a media company. He has in two weeks connected with managers and players – and he provides clear frameworksfor us to work within. 

CSM management team – The operative key

Head Coach – Tomas Ryde, Assistant Coach Adi Vasilie, Goalie Coach Göran Lindsgård, Physical Coach Dragos Luscan.

Medical Department – DR Florin Oancea, Kinetoterapeut Aureliana Gurău and Radu Mihai.

I will tell more about this team in another post. So far it´s just “Bun”

Inclusion – needed for implementation

I gave the players a task to work with a value workshop, which will result in insights as to what’s most important and an understanding of the behavior the team needs for achieving our goal and vision. The values will always be the foundation for the common mind state of the individual and the team. But, there will always be a struggle regarding the culture question – what is right and what is wrong? The culture process is an ongoing matter and as coaches, we have to be actively involved and prioritize the question

Structure – the weakest point

According to my previous experience in Romania as the National Coach, the structure is the weakest point in Romanian sports. Many decisions are made on loose, emotional basis, which at the same time demolish the structure that someone has built up. That means that the existing culture breaks down the structure, which is very often based on short term results – and preferably a good result that should have been achieved yesterday.

So what has to be done about this?

  • Strategic Platform for CSM ( a structure as such)
  • CSM Buckarest play-book – to be continued with new players
  • Clear Roles – leaders and players
  • Make a clear line between the sports- and medical department 
  • Team captains / Playmaker / Defense “General”
  • Number of players in the squad / “Special Positions”
  • A plan for the year – seven periods – that should be broken down to weekly and daily practice 
  • Travel / food / sleep / Equipment / modern supplements
  • A benefit system that keep the culture


To create the CSM Playbook – the starting point has to be what kind of players we have in our team. To make actions related to every players skills and feeling of the way of playing. So we use the 6-0 Scandinavia way of playing and adapt with some stress, press and steal after some weeks. We want to play a powerful handball – and we will start with this in the beginning of Aug.

First, the team will go to Wittlich in Germany for the old classic tournament and then we will practice and play at Skövde in Sweden – and a week later we will go to Brest to play two tough games. When we play games, we evaluate our way of playing and strive for continuous improvement. One part of the concept can you see below .. its about to understand the team development phases.

Team Development

We should reach at least stage 3 before we play Supercup final against SCM Valcea 25 of August.

See you!!

Coach Ryde

Update inför EM

Nu är det dags för landslagen att dra ihop trupperna och träna detaljer i spelet och få ihop laget inför kommande EM. Jag tänkte ge lite info angående Grupp A.  Jag vill påstå att det finns stora förändringar i många av ländernas trupper, inte bara Sverige har föryngrat laget. Dock vill jag kommentera, att välja bort Linnea Torstensson är fortfarande helt chockerande för mig, hon är topp 5 av världens försvarsspelare. Att förändra i landslagen är en naturlig följd efter ett OS. Serbien som är Sveriges grupp har tagit verkligen gått efter förändring med nya coachen Dragica Djuric, första matchen mot Slovenien blir avgörande för Serbiens nya lag. Slovenien har svårt att få till sitt lag och har inte så många spelare med internationell kvalité. Spanien har däremot en tendens att hålla i sin trupp (http://www.rfebm.net/noticias.asp?id=28349) och kommer att kunna spela med hög teknisk kvalité. Mitt förra lag, Rumänien har haft många skador på nyckelspelare under hösten. Neagu är på väg tillbaka, Oana Manea har fått lite speltid, men var bra mot FCM i helgen, Melinda Geiger har sedvanliga knäproblem men är en grym fighter och kommer att vara på banan i Helsingborg. Eliza Buchesci har underpresterat över lång tid (flyttar från FCM till Braila efter jul) och laget tar förmodligen in ny playmaker genom Cristina Lazlo och Mandalina Zamfriescu. För Norges del blir det stor förändring i spelet då de blir tvingade till hitta alternativ på M6 när Heidi Löke är gravid.

Svenska truppen hittar du här.

Romania and Tomas ends up for this time…

imageYes, I took the decision to stop with the Romania National team, 3 weeks ago. The federation have used the time to find a new, and the found a very god solution with Ambros, I=m happy for that. Why do I stop? My workload with Serica and what its require to rebuild the new team isn’t compatible. Serica is my company and my second family, we have suddenly big chances to make very big things together and I have to take my responsibility as CEO. In another hand the Romania team also have a great things to do, and in my opinion with a new team in place. The team should be leaded by Cristina Neagu and Eliza Buchesci, the new generation will create a new standard. Maybe not done in EC at Sweden, but the change will start from now. I wish the team all the best and I preciate all the friendship and love I have recived in Romania and other countries. / Coach T